Bommelaer - For people who are discerning

If you see the Jetten Bommelaer sailing along, then this will no doubt encourage a smile. It is a motor boat with a powerful and authentic visual impact. Considered by many ,to be a refined artefact of noble pedigree. We heartily concur with this, because with the purchase of a Jetten Bommelaer, you actually have a second home. This motor boat is aptly suited to seek new horizons for a period of several months. A spacious layout which is always designed in consultation with our interior architect.


The Jetten Bommelaer is for people who appreciate the qualities in life This can be found in the aesthetic lines of the boat which convey that the designer originally hails from the commercial shipping sector. The Jetten Bommelaer has a robust appearance, a soundness, which is almost professional. It is however a luxury motor boat, in which good and reliable sailing characteristics and comfort go perfectly hand in hand with a rich and pleasing attractiveness.


The robustness of this boat is especially expressed through its outwardly angled windows of the wheelhouse. At the same time, a great deal of attention has been paid to the details, both inside as well as outside. An abundance of natural light falls into the spacious wheelhouse and galley. This also makes the quality and finish of the interior and the gilt fixtures stand out.. The carpentry is of a high standard and throughout the wood is finished with fine shaped edges and curved corners. The aft cockpit can easily be termed a lounge area where also at less good weather conditions thanks to the luxurious pram canopy it is perfect i to relax, open a bottle of wine or enjoy meals and leisure time alfresco.
The Jetten Bommelaer stands for style and class.


Bommelaer 52

It feels somewhat liberating when one walks through the boat. Take the s hower areas, they have been designed with an amount of space so that you will no doubt become aware that the entire layout of the Jetten Bommelaer has been well thought out. Adjacent to the wheelhouse is the galley, all at the same floor level. The saloon area behind this is spacious and the comfortable couches on the aft cockpit will certainly seat many and good company. The number of berths, s howers and toilets will be defined by you as all Jetten Bommelaer are individually constructed for your individual tastes and requirements.

Bommelaer 47

When the Jetten Bommelaer sails by, there arises an inclination to tip one’s hat
. Many hours can be spent talking about over the beautiful and aesthetic visual attractiveness and spacious layout of the boat. There are further still two distinctive matters: 
the interior is always designed in close consultation between our permanent interior architect and the client. In so doing, you as such c reate a personal touch and layout to suit your requirements which is underscored by an expert eye. Finally, the technical equipment and the engine room of the Jetten Bommelaer. The engine room can be easily accessed via a hatch in the cockpit, but especially striking, is that the boat sails quite soundlessly. Holiday, silence, ultimate relaxation.

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