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Jetten Series: Built to Enjoy.

Rugged is the first idea that enters your head when you see a craft from Jetten. The vessels have been designed with enjoyment in mind. Top quality and a high quality comfort design in a comprehensive series of crafts with character. You can have any of the models furnished according to your own personal wishes. An ideal point of departure which you will enjoy for years.

The motor yachts from Jetten Yachting consist of solid steel craft measuring between 8 and 14 metres. The motor yachts have an identical silhouette, with the high bow being one of the noticeable features. The rugged exterior, the spacious interior, the high level of finishing and the fantastic installation work will be greatly appreciated by any water sports enthusiast. A typical feature of the motor yachts is the fishtail rudder which means the turning circle is very small, making the vessels extremely manoeuvrable and easy to steer.

A characteristic of the Sedan series is that the motor yachts are all on one level with no steps and stairs. This is a major benefit for comfort-seeking sailing enthusiasts. The boat has an open cockpit seen from the stern, where there is also a door and two staircases to the side decks. This means easy boarding and disembarkation when moored. The cockpit is fully protected by the cabriolet hood around it, increasing the living space considerably. The folding doors give the boat a feeling of space, as does the stylish interior with its authentic carpentry. A unique feature of the vessels is that you can largely determine the layout and design of the boat yourself. This is unusual for this class of boat. You can therefore rest assured that you get the boat that perfectly suits your needs.

The use of solid woodwork enriches the motor yacht's image. The traditional interior is handmade by carpenters and the finishing is of a very high standard. You will soon feel at home in these warm surroundings. Like in your house, you should have the feeling of coming home as soon as you step on board.

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