Jetten Yachting introduces the Jetten 50 Multi Purpose Cruiser

02 november 2013


The ultimate and durable motor yacht

Comfort, luxury, and above all exclusivity. That is what the modern water sport enthusiast desires. Jetten Yachting in Sneek would not be what it is today if it did not have a suitable solution for this need. The Jetten 50 MPC (Multi Purpose Cruiser) is the revolutionary motor yacht of Jetten Yachting. It is available as a displacement or half glider yacht. It is the exclusive answer to the preferences of the demanding water sports enthusiast. The combination of the latest techniques and a unique design with innovative taut lines make the Jetten 50 MPC unique in its class. The exclusive motor yacht suitable for everybody. The Jetten 50 MPC is the outcome of an intensive collaboration between Jetten Yachting and Vripack architects, the international leaders in the construction of luxury yachts.


Finished look down to details

The exterior as well as the interior of the Jetten 50 MPC have been refined down to the details. The exterior has a unique signature. Its amazing lines are design-technical tours de force. Those flowing lines with a small kink in the sheet metal, the hand rail integrated into the glass of the superstructure, the sunken windlass, the glass panel in the front section of the superstructure, and the angular exhausts designed specifically for this vessel give the 50 MPC its unique identity. Every part of the vessel has been redesigned and refined.


The Jetten 50 MPC's design follows the mid-cabin concept. This means that the owner's cabin is located in the centre part of the vessel. This design provides you with maximum comfort and maximum space. The panoramic window offers you an unimpeded view of the surroundings while lounging on your bed. The available space accommodates a sizeable bed, an actual walk-in cupboard, and your own separate bathroom. Comfort in its most optimal form.


The front section of the Jetten 50 MPC has a VIP room with a detached bed and a visitor's cabin, each with its own bathroom. In the case of the three-cabin version, an exceptional feature of this vessel is that the cabin on the port side can be tailored to your specific needs by means of the unique 'easy convert cabin system'. In a blink of an eye, the cabin can be converted into an office with a desk or a luxury cabin with a bunk bed. Whatever you desire.


Designed for your enjoyment

The 50 MPC has been designed entirely to provide you with maximum enjoyment. Its central heating, double glazing, and carefully installed thermal insulation make it possible for you to also enjoy the winter on the water. In addition, the engine noise has been reduced to a minimum. The designers devoted additional attention to soundproofing of the vessel. The Jetten 50 MPC is delivered standard with a fuel-efficient 6-cylinder Deutz diesel engine with 170 h.p., but it can also be outfitted with two engines with up to 800 h.p. combined, enabling a top speed of 16 knots. With these features, the Jetten 50 MPC offers considerable sailing comfort, whether in the Mediterranean Sea or on a luxury cruise to Scandinavia.


Welcome to your vessel

In addition to the generous dimensions, at Jetten Yachting, the concept of bespoke means that the interior styling must also match your preferences. We believe that only then can you truly call it your own vessel. That is the objective. Even though the Jetten 50 MPC is outfitted luxuriously and comprehensively by default, we offer plenty of options for adapting the style of the interior to your individual taste and preferences. Together with our interior architects, you can select from a wide assortment of materials and accessories, and you can customise your vessel as you envisioned. The finishing is in the hands of artisanal marine upholsterers and carpenters who are experts in their trade and who will translate your preferences into high-quality work.


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